The District Governors of 2018-19 petitioned the RI Board to develop a proposed pilot structure for Rotary in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific that will help us be relevant for our members, contemporary and flexible.  They now invite all Rotarians to provide feedback on three simple questions:
  1. What is good in Rotary and Rotaract and should be retained?
  2. What needs to change and why?
  3. In an ideal world, how would Rotary and Rotaract be structured and operate?
Your responses will be collated and shared with the working groups to help them develop their proposed strategies and structure, which will feed into the design of a pilot structure for our region.
They request that you be honest and bold and provide your feedback by 21 June 2020.
Follow this link to learn more about Regenerating Rotary.
Follow this link to provide your feedback for YOUR ROTARY: Shaping the Next 100 Years of Rotary.
Submissions can be made by following the links at the bottom of the YOUR ROTARY mail chimp flyer (above link) either online or by email.