“Rotary Says Thank You on Australia Day launching Rotary Adopt-A-Tree”

On January 25 & 26, Rotary Clubs from Greater Sydney to the Illawarra will be launching the Rotary Adopt-A-Tree Project, showcasing Rotary’s involvement in Growing Our Communities.
Rotarians will engage with their communities by displaying 3m high artificial trees, to show what can become of our bushlands if they are not cared for.
Bunnings Warehouse is working with Rotary to provide an opportunity to launch the project over the two days. Members of the public can adopt a tree for $5.00 each via a website.
They will receive a numbered Adoption Certificate so they can see where their tree is planted and follow its progress. Adoption certificates can be made in the name of family or friends and people can adopt as many trees as they like!
Donations will enable trees to be propagated and planted in areas throughout NSW that require regeneration, including fire and flood ravaged zones. The planting areas and timings will be determined by experts, including Landcare and Rotary will organise plantings under their guidance.
A variety of trees and shrubs will be planted to ensure a balance in the local environment, encouraging native birds and fauna to also grow and thrive.
The project will also help Australians learn how to care for Australia’s bushland as Australia’s Indigenous people have for generations as a source of shelter, food, and medicine. Local schools and community groups will be invited to participate in the plantings, along with local’s who have adopted trees.
Funds generated from the tree adoptions will be used to support Rotary Smith Family Scholarships.
Rotary Smith Family Scholarships will help young Australians grow to their best potential. Donations that are made will enable local Rotary Clubs to support local youth, ensuring they receive the educational support required for them to complete their studies.
Some students may also participate in Rotary Youth Leadership programs.
Rotary District 9675 Governor Jeremy Wright said “Australia Day is an opportunity to come together to reflect, respect and celebrate. It is a time to Reflect on nature and how it brings us together when fire or flood occurs, to Respect our Bushland that has been written into Australia’s DNA by our first nation people and enhanced by poetry, song, and prose, and to Celebrate our opportunities to regrow our Bushland and our communities.
In the past year Australia has again faced immense challenges – drought, bushfire, floods, storms, and the coronavirus pandemic. Now is the time to grow and strengthen our communities”.
To learn more and find an Australia Day event near you, visit our website www.rotaryadoptatree.org.au