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Concord, NSW 2137

Zoom Meeting #2 ! 

Well look at us now! What a very techie bunch of Rotarians we have become!

Please join us on Monday evening as we check-in with some of much beloved exchange students from years gone by.  We have received word that more than one may joining us from wherever they currently reside in the world.

If this is your first time joining us on Zoom ...

Before Monday evening

If you are participating by PC, laptop, or tablet the Zoom Web Client will automatically be downloaded and installed to your device when you click this Meeting Link to join on Monday evening.
If you plan to participate using your mobile phone you must first download and install the Zoom Cloud Meetings app available in the Apple App Store for iPhone and & Google Play Store for Android.

On Monday Night

  1. Click this Meeting Link to go to Zoom in your web browser.
  2. Click the Join Meeting button to enter the waiting room.
  3. You may do this ahead of time, say 6:15pm, to test your audio & video connections.
  4. All microphones will be muted automatically as you join the meeting. We recommend only turning your microphone on when you want to make a comment or respond to a question directed to you.  This will reduce the amount of ambient noise on the connection and will make for a clearer sound. 
  5. Charmaine, Peter Dowley & Angela (me!) will be on stand-by to assist you with any technical glitches.
  6. If during the meeting the video or sound becomes patchy, click the video icon on the screen to stop sending video from your device. You will continue to be able to hear & see the others but we won't be able to see you. 
  7. If you have a question during the meeting AND are using a PC, laptop or tablet please type it into the Chat area. Please note this feature does not work as well with a mobile phone.
Once again please be patient if we have any glitches, we are still relatively new to this way of holding a meeting too.  Looking forward to seeing you all again.
If you have any creative ideas future meetings please contact Allan or Charmaine.